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Kingsbrook View Academy

Growing Together to Achieve Dreams


Every child has the right to receive full time education.

Children can only make the most of educational opportunities if they attend regularly and on time. Learning and social interaction is hugely important in children's development and lost time will never be found. Under the Parental Responsibility Education Act 1996, Part V1, Chapter 11, Section 444 children of compulsory school age, who are registered at a school, must attend the school.


What does the academy do?

  • We provide 190 days of planned curriculum delivery – not a day should be missed
  • We monitor attendance regularly
  • We work with parents and families where attendance is becoming a concern
  • We report levels of academy attendance to Academy Trustees and educational bodies such as the DfE
  • We aim to achieve an attendance target of at least 97%, which is above the national average attendance in primary Schools
  • We refuse term-time holidays

  95% attendance or below is a cause for concern.

90% or below is considered to be persistent absenteeism



What if your child is late?

  • They might feel self-conscious
  • They miss crucial learning at the beginning of the lesson
  • They miss the social part of the beginning of the day
  • They may be reluctant or refuse to enter the classroom
  • It causes disruption for all other class members


What can you do to help and support your child?

  • Report the absence of your child as early as possible on the first day of absence
  • Ensure that your child is in for registration – so they don’t miss out on the first part of the day
  • Do not take holidays during term time
  • Understand that the beginnings and ends of terms in the academy are as important as any other time
  • Do not allow your child time away from the academy unless it is absolutely necessary
  • Encourage a pattern of punctuality and good attendance with your child – let them see that it matters. This sets them up for their future
  • When one of your children is off make sure that you get the others into the academy
  • Take notice of how much time your child has been away from the academy
  • Let us know if you are about to leave the area, change your address or any of your contact numbers. Ensure that we always have up-to-date contact information.
  • Arrange dentist and routine appointments out of academy hours


What can we do to help and support your child?

Talk to us! We are here to help.

Please view our attendance policy for further information.

Click here to view policy page