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Kingsbrook View Academy

Growing Together to Achieve Dreams


Head of Academy

It is an absolute pleasure and privilege to introduce myself as the new Head of Academy at Kingsbrook View. I am beyond excited for the journey ahead because it’s not every day that you are given the opportunity to lead and shape a brand-new school that will be at the forefront of inspiration and innovation.

I have been a teacher for 16 years and spent much of that time leading and influencing teaching and learning. I have been lucky enough to work in, and alongside, a number of schools and so I join Kingsbrook View, and the Inspiring Futures Partnership Trust, with a wealth of experience.

At my heart sits a passion for learning and a passion for children and young people to flourish. Why? Because they deserve it! Children, our future, deserve the best chances and at Kingsbrook View we will nurture and encourage each and every individual child to reach their potential and give them the knowledge, skills and tools they need to thrive in life. That’s why it is vitally important that we get to know and understand our children and build a curriculum that is designed to inspire and meet the needs and interests of our learners.

I have high expectations both of myself and others and this goes hand in hand with being the best version of ourselves we can be. This way, we can all be highly aspirational and dream big.

Opportunity is really important to me because that’s exactly what education should do: open doors so that everyone can learn and aspire to reach for something great. It doesn’t matter who you are or what background you come from, if you are in the right environment, encouraged and supported by the right people, you can succeed. I am a parent and moreover I am human! One who understands that we just want what is right for our children and our families. I am honest and open and aim to create a culture of integrity amongst everyone who is involved in Kingsbrook View.

To all the parents, carers and pupils reading this I am thrilled that you have chosen Kingsbrook View, so a warm welcome to you and I really look forward to getting to know each and every one of you in September, as we start this journey together. Starting a new school can be daunting for children and parents so I seek to make sure the experience is positive and calm. It’s not my style to sit at a desk all day because I cherish opportunities to roll my sleeves up and get involved. You will most certainly see me around!

Every member of the Kingsbrook View community will be respected and the safety and well-being of all will be a priority. I value community and working collaboratively and it is my desire for Kingsbrook View to represent the community it serves and for the community to be proud of us. I am not a lone worker and I have a fantastic team within the Trust around me, as well as many new dedicated team members who will join in due course; each and every one will share the school’s vision and appetite for lifelong learning. This is because learning is valuable and powerful and learning is even stronger when we all do it together. Therefore, the ethos and vision for Kingsbrook View will culminate in our motto: Growing together to achieve dreams.

I very much look forward to you joining me on this journey that will make Kingsbrook View a happy and exciting place to learn and work.

Mr Jon Turner

Head of Academy