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Reading at KVPA

At Kingsbrook View Primary Academy, reading is an integral part of our learning. Throughout the academy, we strive to promote children’s enjoyment for reading but also instil the importance of reading as a life skill.

Our reading aims are:

  • To develop positive attitudes towards reading so that it is a pleasurable and meaningful activity
  • To use reading as a tool to develop natural curiosity
  • To read and respond to a variety of texts whilst gaining increased level of fluency, accuracy, independence and understanding
  • To use and apply reading skills in a range of contexts, across the curriculum
  • To expose pupils to a wealth of texts, both fiction and non-fiction, that reflect different styles, cultures, authors and backgrounds
  • To extend our reading ability by making appropriate and challenging reading choices

Children will have a broad reading experience during their time at KVPA.

Opportunities include:

  • Taught reading lessons
  • Regular reading with an adult and regular independent reading
  • Teachers and teaching assistants monitor reading habits and book choices and discuss progress with individual pupils and parents on a regular basis
  • Tailored and targeted intervention programmes for identified pupils who may be at risk of falling behind
  • Sharing of whole-class texts and stories
  • Parents are encouraged to read with their children at home
  • Sharing of stories in assemblies
  • Applying reading across the curriculum
  • Having dedicated library time and choosing library books
  • Being encouraged to share and talk about books pupils have read
  • Exploring and analysing texts and making inferences
  • Answering higher order questions about books that been read
  • Identifying new vocabulary and using dictionaries to help them discover meanings

Home reading

Reading in partnership is an enjoyable, powerful and enriching experience. We ask that parents read with their children at least 5 times a week. 10 minutes of adult/child reading per day is proven to significantly enhance children’s reading skills and therefore enhance their life chances in accessing academic success. All reading should be recorded in children’s Reading Records (Foundation Stage and Year 1) or Reading Journals (Year 2 and upwards).

We use books and texts from Oxford Reading Tree to support children's reading development in Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.